At the end of every academic year, (usually around early May) the Pro Staff at UTSA Campus Rec likes to show their appreciation to the 230+ student staff that work hard all year round to make sure Campus Recreation runs smoothly for you. And during this time, the student staff are also recognized for longevity and awesomeness. This year, our Employees of the Year are as follows:


Summer is finally here, and I’m very excited about everything going on this summer at Campus Rec. If you’re like me, you’ll probably need time to kick back after two long semesters. I definitely enjoy doing absolutely nothing, but I can only be unproductive for so long.  I personally get energized from being active. I love working out and the great outdoors, which makes Campus Rec an awesome hangout spot! If you’re similar to my personality type you will have a great time participating in everything we have to offer.

Campus Rec operates similar to the fall/spring semesters, and hours are only reduced slightly. Campus Rec also offers the same Group Exercise and Outdoor Pursuits trips that we all look forward to. For instance, the Group Exercise schedule offers 40 classes per week. These classes are available at many times during the day and are a great way to get an intense workout. Another perk to Group Exercise is the fact that you’ll be working out with a group of people who will help motivate you during the toughest part of the workout. I can speak from experience when I say that you will be sore after a Group Exercise class! Also don’t be afraid to try new things; some of the classes might seem foreign to you but go in with an open mind and I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

Campus Rec also caters to you outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies! Outdoor Pursuits is hosting a number of exciting trips during the summer. OP also offers free local mountain biking trips for us college students who are usually on a tight budget.  Overall Outdoor Pursuits is a great way to experience the Texas Outdoors, and it’s a resource you should definitely take advantage of. 

Campus Rec is without a doubt my favorite place on campus (besides the classroom), and I couldn’t even guess how many hours I’ve logged over the past three years as a UTSA student. After reading this I hope you found something that gets you excited. If not come over to Campus Rec and explore the entire facility; I’m sure you’ll find something that’s right up your alley! 

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Keep it Rowdy!




Finals week and study days are upon us which means that many of us are even more consumed by stress. Stress can take a toll on the body and have dramatic effects on the immune system. But don’t worry, there are many outlets to prevent, reduce, and cope with stress in easy and productive ways! Some of the best methods to deal with stress are to make sure you are receiving the proper nutrition, incorporating relaxation techniques, and positive self-talk.

Nutrition plays an important role in preventing and dealing with stress. It is important to make sure you are eating and drinking the right things so you are both healthy and stress free. It is important to limit your consumption of simple carbs and high fructose corn syrup as they will only give you a spike in energy instead of having a lasting effect. Some good stress-busting foods that increases levels of serotonin include:

·         Oatmeal                                                              

·         Whole-grains

·         Oranges

·         Spinach

·         Fatty fish (salmon/tuna)

·         Black tea

·         Nuts (Pistachios/almonds)

·         Avocados

·         Raw veggies

·         Milk

Campus Rec’s registered dietitian, Annie Bell, also notes, “if you are eating a healthy balanced diet, in general, you can get the same benefits as trying to eat these specific foods.” She also says that oranges are good for lowering stress because they enhance immune function and potentially affect circulating levels of stress hormones. Spinach is also on the list because of its magnesium, which can help manage blood pressure levels and bolster immune function. Lastly, oatmeal is on the list because of its complex carbs that allow the “feel good” neurotransmitter, serotonin, to be released in the brain and a steady release of glucose into the blood stream.

Relaxation techniques are also other important tools to include in your stress-free lifestyle. By being able to implement relaxation into your routine and studying you will be able to decrease frustration and instead improve your confidence and improve your concentration. Some of the most effective relaxation techniques can include exercising, getting enough sleep, and having a good support system. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress because it gives you endorphins and improves your mood. You can visit the Rec Center to enjoy a variety of the most benefiting activities including yoga, cycling, Zumba, kickboxing, boot camp, or you can utilize the cardio and weight rooms. However, any and every form of exercise is beneficial in helping reduce stress and in living a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to be an athlete or a frequent gym goer, you can make physical activity go a long way toward stress management. Annie Bell also notes that, “a good workout can make it easier to relax at night leading to a good night’s sleep, and it can lower your risk of many diseases that are related to stress such as high blood pressure and heart disease.”

In addition, it’s also essential that your body receives enough rest so that you’re able to function clearly. It’s optimal to receive 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but as college students we are not always able to practice good sleep hygiene. Therefore, it is important to practice other stress preventatives and try to get to sleep as early as possible. Furthermore, a strong support system is vital to keeping stress at bay. A strong support system incudes friend, family, colleagues or any one you can talk to and trust. These are the people you can vent frustrations, and talk about what you’re going through, and they’re there to listen, support and help make you feel better.

Positive self-talk is an important way to deal with stress with both short-term and long-term benefits. It will also help you to turn negative thoughts into positive reinforcement. A way for you to change negative statements into positive statements would be to change the statement in action and also to replace negative phrases such as “should have” and change it to “could have.”  In other words, saying, “I can’t handle this,” and changing in to “How can I handle this?” Changing the statement into a positive one will help you to calm down and hopefully drive your focus away from the stress.

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Finals are quickly approaching, and most students would agree that this is the most nerve-wrecking time during the entire semester. Most would also agree that this week can do a “number” on one’s health. Finals are associated with abnormal sleeping patterns, poor eating, and consuming gallons of caffeine infused drinks.

Some stress is unavoidable during this long week; however, you could minimize the stress associated with finals by taking advantage of Campus Rec during the next few weeks.

Campus Rec has more than enough activities and programs to help take your mind off finals. Apart from the fitness areas, Campus Rec offers a variety of Group Exercise classes that will continue during finals week. These classes are held all week during finals and they run from 30 minutes to an hour, which makes them ideal for a quick study break.

Whether you want to kick back in the lounge area or get an intense cardio workout, Campus Rec is the perfect place to blow off some steam.


Rowdy ON!

P.S.  A new Group Exercise finals schedule will be posted on the Campus Rec website.



Many students at UTSA associate Campus Recreation as a “refuge,” a place where one can relax and unwind after a long day.  Students are attracted to Campus Recreation for the variety of facilities and programs that are offered; as well as the friendly and professional staff that accommodate patron’s needs. If you are an individual who feels very passionate about the Rec Center, you could even go a step further and consider applying for one of the positions now available.   

One of the slogans at Campus Recreation is “One Team, One Mission,” which describes the attitude desired for those individuals seeking employment. Teamwork is stressed at Campus Recreation and at almost every other establishment in today’s world of work.  If you are an individual who enjoys accomplishing tasks as team, then Working at UTSA Campus Recreation could be the right place for you.

At the moment Campus Recreation is offering a variety of positions that require many different skills. However, one skill is required in every position, and that is the ability to be willing to work with people on a daily basis. Working with others at Campus Recreation normally entails collaborating with your fellow employees, and also working to accommodate the needs of patrons throughout the day.

Campus Recreation will be accepting applications from April 5th –April 15th.Applications are to be completed online and turned in at the Rec Center Administrative Office from Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.


Rowdy On!



Q: Does The Outdoor Resource Center rent student’s outdoor equipment?

A: No, The Outdoor Resource Center LENDS student’s outdoor equipment. They do not rent.

Q: What do I need to do in order to borrow equipment from The Outdoor Resource Center?

A:  Patrons must read and sign the Conditional Use Agreement that specifies the terms and conditions of renting from the Outdoor Resource Center. Then, our staff completes an equipment loan form. Upon checking out equipment, staff will make sure to pre-inspect the equipment to confirm good condition. Finally you will have your equipment! However, an orientation must be completed prior to checking out bikes, stoves, and boats.

Q: What kinds of equipment does The Outdoor Resource Center offer?

A: Here is a comprehensive list of the different outdoor equipment that they offer. Specialized Rockhopper Bike, Canoes, Sit-on-top Kayaks, 3 & 4 Person Tents, Dueter 65 +10 Air Contact, Dueter 60 +10 Air Contact, Dueter Speedlight 30, Sleeping Bag 35 degree, Sleeping Bag 0 degree, Sleeping Pad, Mummy Liner, 2 Burner Stove, Backpack cook set, Backpack Fuel Bottle, Coolers, Creek Chair, Roll-A-Table, Compass, Head Lamp, Sport Duffels, and they also have a lending library of books, maps, and videos on outdoor activities and destinations.

Q: What happens if I lose any pieces of equipment or it becomes damaged while under my care?

A: The patron will be charged the cost of replacement for any equipment that is lost or irreparably damaged.

Q: How many items can I check out at once?

A: Patrons cannot check out any more than one of each item (excluding PFDs and paddles).

Summer is only 2 months away and you know what that means? School’s out! So why not take advantage of adventure equipment to start your summer break off the right way! The Outdoor Resource Center provides students with high quality outdoor gear for your own adventures. Some of the most popular gear that is rented out to students includes: kayaks, tents, and mountain bikes. All of this equipment would be perfect for any summer adventures you may seek including; a kayak ride down a river, a campout trip outside with tents or even a day adventure with our mountain bikes!  In order to use our equipment to the best of their abilities it is important to note that the sit-on-top kayaks seat one person and life jackets and a paddle are provided to the patrons who decide to rent out this item. These kayaks would be perfects for a nice trip down to San Marcos with your friends to enjoy the sunshine and great company.  The Outdoor Resource Center also provides a tent called, the Zephyr 3 which holds 3-4 people. When borrowed from the center it comes with stakes, rain fly, and a ground tarp. If you don’t have a place in mind to campout at our staff would be more than happy to give you some suggestions! Lastly, the Specialized Rockhopper Bike is a perfect mountain bike for all obstacles that may come way along the trails. There are three sizes available that fit all types of riders.  I suggest all patrons to take advantage of this service and all of their equipment!

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UTSA Campus Recreation has a variety of intramural events to offer this spring semester and with pleasant weather approaching, the 2-person golf scramble could be the perfect event to “putt” your semester in full swing.

This time of the year offers exceptional weather for outdoor activities golf in particular. In addition to the pleasant spring weather, San Antonio has a number of professional-level golf courses that will challenge the most skilled players. If you’re interested in showcasing your golf skills I would encourage participation in the 2-person golf scramble April 12th.This Intramural event will be held at the Silver Horn Golf Club, a pristine course located down 1604 in the middle of the Texas Hill country. 

The event consists of two player teams competing against each other. Please don’t be discouraged to enter the event; UTSA Campus Recreation encourages all skill levels to come out and enjoy a day of friendly competition.  Whether you are an experienced golfer or novice, I would encourage all skill levels to come out and participate in the event. Remember to find a partner and register before the event closes on April 4th.


Rowdy ON!

Event Date: April 4,2013

Event Fee: $45.00

Both Players must register via imleagues.com/UTSA

Disclaimer: the blog entries for UTSA Campus Recreation are the students’ personal opinions, not those of UTSA Campus Recreation or UTSA. Students research topics and deduct their own opinions on the matter.




Campus Rec offers Club Sports for students to meet new people, learn and improve techniques while participating in your favorite sports. It’s a great way to be involved on campus and to participate in a supportive, team environment. Club Sports also helps students with their communication skills, time management, discipline and organizational skills.  Club Sports offers 23 different sports that you can sign up for including fencing, cycling, powerlifting, table tennis, and more traditional sports.

One of the oldest Club Sports teams at UTSA is fencing. The Fencing club invites all students, with or without prior experience, to join year-round. The equipment is provided by the club and after three practices if you wish to become a member there is a $40 fee per semester.

The Cycling Club focusses on road cycling and mountain biking. You can join the club for practices every Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m. at the L&M Bookstore. 

The Men’s Rugby Club welcomes all participants with different skill levels. The Rugby club is focused on learning, teaching and participating in the sport of Rugby. The Men’s Rugby team has major accomplishments, including making it to state playoffs two years in a row and then advancing to state championships. Ashford Brown, who is a member of the Rugby Club, on why you should join the club, “We work hard but getting the chance to experience something different that is rich in tradition is an advantage not to be overlooked.”  The Rugby team is still accepting participants and the dues are $75 per semester. Check out the Men’s Rugby team practices which are Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Some of the active clubs include: Badminton, Cycling, Handball, Karate, Men’s Rugby, Paintball, Table Tennis, Racquetball, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, Women’s Powerlifting, and Women’s Lacrosse. 

Check out the eligibility requirements and more club descriptions at http://www.utsa.edu/recreation/club_sports/

Disclaimer: the blog entries for UTSA Campus Recreation are the students’ personal opinions, not those of UTSA Campus Recreation or UTSA. Students research topics and deduct their own opinions on the matter.


Many people across the nation are familiar with yoga and many have found that the exercise is an exciting activity that challenges both the body and mind. It is estimated that over 11 million Americans participate in Yoga; however, there is still a large portion of the population that has never heard of it. In the following, I hope to shed some light on yoga and hopefully have you participate in one of the few classes we offer at the Recreation Center.

Yoga was originated in the eastern part of the world over 5,000 years ago, and was practiced by many different culture groups throughout history. The word Yoga translates “to join or yoke together,” the word relates to the way in which the exercise is performed. Yoga is based on a series of exercises that emphasize a connection between body and mind. Yoga also stresses on breathing and holding different poses over an extended period of time.

Many people who aren’t familiar with Yoga might believe that it is just a trend with little to no health benefits. Yoga, on the contrary, has many health benefits, and if practiced routinely yoga can help improve your overall balance, strength and flexibility. The benefits associated with yoga are continuous, because the exercises become more challenging as you progress.

Yoga can be incorporated into all fitness levels, and I would encourage you to participate in one of few classes we offer through Group X at Campus Recreation. We offer traditional Yoga, as well as Yoga Fusion.

Leigh Darilek Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness also had to say the following about the Group X offered at UTSA campus Recreation, “Yoga or Yoga Fusion classes here at Campus Recreation are meant to accommodate all fitness levels. Typically what participants want to look at when deciding which class they go to is based on the descriptions, not necessarily fitness level. Our yoga classes are more traditional forms of yoga, while the yoga fusion classes usually include more core and strength work taken from principles of Pilates.” If you have ever wanted to try something new, yoga would be the perfect activity to add to your workout regimen.

Disclaimer: the blog entries for UTSA Campus Recreation are the students’ personal opinions, not those of UTSA Campus Recreation or UTSA. Students research topics and deduct their own opinions on the matter.


Rowdy On!  




The Rec Center offers a Demonstration Kitchen program that teaches students how to cook their favorite dishes using healthier ingredients while receiving nutritional information from our Registered Dietitian, Annie Bell.  Last week I decided to participate in a Demo Kitchen class that featured buffalo chicken potato skins just in time for Super Bowl Sunday!

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I will definitely participate in some of the upcoming Demo Kitchens.  It was extremely helpful to learn new ways to cook different food items and to learn of healthy alternatives that give your favorite dishes a similar end result. I really enjoyed how the chef got everyone involved in the cooking process and informed us of the “in and outs” of cooking.
The next Demo Kitchen will be on February 21st at 6 PM in the Demo Kitchen and will feature chicken paninis! To sign up to participate in a Demo Kitchen class you must email fitness@utsa.edu  at least 48 hours before the class in order to guarantee your spot.  Hope to see you all there!
Disclaimer: the blog entries for UTSA Campus Recreation are the students’ personal opinions, not those of UTSA Campus Recreation or UTSA. Students research topics and deduct their own opinions on the matter.